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May 12, 2004

Earth Blanket

This was my first real render with Poser 5. It's all stock objects from the product except the blanket, which is just a NASA photo mapped onto a square and clothified. That was really the main goal of the piece, to learn to drape cloth and figure out the material room.

May 13, 2004

Wrapping Herself in the Flag

This was my third render in Poser 5. Mostly I'm playing with the wind effects, though I expected it to affect her hair more. (Maybe I just need to use better hair.)

It's all stock objects from Poser 5.

May 16, 2004

Summer's Night Stroll

I'm still practicing and still using Poser 5 stock objects.

The lamp-post is just a textured cylindar, and the walls are just textured boxes.

The skirt is just a square with texture that I inserted right through her abdomen and let it drape from there as cloth. If I'd had a disc instead of the square it would have looked a little better.

She'd have had a top if I could figured out how to make one as easily as I did the skirt. (Of course, if I rounded a corner in the city, I'd much rather see it as is.)

Also, I'm playing with atmosphere lighting here. I wanted to see her own shadows more dramatically, but when I upped the atmosphere enough to do that, it washed out the rest of the picture.

(I see various people complaining about P5 on the forums, but I'm able to do stuff here much more easily than I could in P4. YMMV.)

May 26, 2004

Hitting the Shower

I'm playing with refractivity this time. The shower glass was done with a very low refractivity (1.05) with a bump map of a tight cloud texture. I spent forever trying to get this affect by modifying the refractivity via a texture but it never worked.

The rest is standard stock poser objects. The two towels are the "hi-res square" object with a simple text texture I made in photoshop. The wall, floor, and top-rail are also standard poser objects with faily simple textures.

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