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Two Sides

This is the first image I’ve ever done that wasn’t just me trying out various render features. It’s an image that’s been rattling around in my brain for years, but since I can’t draw well, it always remained there. Hopefully, this means that I’ll be able to get some of the others transferred from neurons to pixels soon. Some will be a joy, and some will be an exorcism, because like many creative people, I have “Two Sides”.

Technical details:

This image was done in Poser 5 with almost pure stock objects. (That’s a common refrain for me, and it’s not meant as a slight against all the goodies in the Marketplace. I just needed to prove to myself that I could do this before I spent more money on it.)

The face is plain old Judy. I used the skin-shader material node, and I gave it all a very slight bump map of a tight cloud texture. It works pretty well IMO, but I am lusting after that Real Skin shader package in the Marketplace. Obviously, I altered the texture some, fading from skin to near-white as I crossed the bridge of the nose. The high-intensity lights also washed out a lot of the color. I also went after the eyebrows, trimming one and giving the other some color.

The eyes were based off the Judy eyes. I started with the blue and green eyes and used Photoshop to play with the hue and color saturation. This gave me the blue, green, red, and orange eyes. Then I used a radial-blurred cloud texture as a layer mask for mixing blue-green and red-orange. I then made the red-orange eye just a little more bloodshot. (Ironically, I spent more time on the texture for the eye-corner lacrimal than on the eyes themselves – figures.)

The hair was custom made in the hair room. In a broader shot, you’d see that she’s mostly bald, since I didn’t populate what I didn’t need. While I’m really impressed with the quality of the hair room’s hair, I continue to be frustrated by several of its issues. Notably, hairs with more than 20 vertices don’t drape correctly, and the collision detection isn’t done at a high enough resolution. It was a big hassle draping the hair without having it pass through her brow ridges. Hopefully those will be improved in Poser 6.

The brow-ring is just a textured torus.

The starscape background was put together by sampling stars and galaxies from a Hubble image. The nebula was just hand-drawn in a broad brush and then put through several filters until I got the right look. The green hills background was actually a photo I took last week in San Rafael, CA. I had to tweak up the colors, but to the naked eye, it really did look that green. I ended up just scaling it all to my final render size and combining the two images into a map for the background renderer so that the hills and stars would bleed through the gaps in the hair.

The only postwork on the image was to composite the red-orange eye into the image. I had to render it twice, once with each set of eyes, since Judy has only one set of eye textures.

4.5"x28" prints available for $25.

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