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Father, Forgive Me

A family health situation is worsening, so I was in something of spiritual mood this week. Thanks for stopping by.

Technical notes: This is just M3 wearing the M3 casual pants from DAZ. The cloud bank is Fog Tool Deluxe by Nerd. It took a little trial and error to find what I wanted, but I couldn’t have done this without it. I consider myself a decent effects modeler (for an amateur) but my own attempts at doing a clouds like this looked far more like moldy brains than actual clouds. I highly recommend the fog tool. While getting this effect, I ran through several other interesting ones that would be great in other scenes.

The fog effect was augmented by using a textured spotlight much like I did to create an underwater lighting effect in a previous scene. The light and dark interplay gives the illusion that the surface is much more complicated than it really is.

The extra wispy clouds around the central figure were made by dropping a sheet onto a cylinder in another scene file and exporting the resulting mesh as a prop to be inserted and arranged multiple times. Then I textured it as white or grey along with a transparency mask that was Clouds multiplied by Turbulence multiplied by a circular gradient to fade out the edges. It came out decent, but still wasn’t quite the effect I wanted.

Finally, the starfield in the background is just a recycle of a starfield shader I created for an earlier scene, with just the nebula pattern swapped out with some bluish turbulence.

The only postwork was a couple of minor joint cleanups and the signature. (Nothing against postwork, per se... just that I’m not very good at it, so I work harder to tweak the original render.)

8"x10" prints are available for $25

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