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Y.A.B.P. #10

Yet Another Boring Pin-up....

It's getting to be sauna weather down here, so I thought I'd use that as a setting. Except, of course, that it's not weather to be in a sauna -- rather, going outside is like being in a sauna.

This was another good one for the use of shaders and built-in things. The towel is dynamic cloth with procedural textures. The bench and walls are all stock props with procedural textures. I particularly liked how the wood paneling came out. That's a tile texture (long skinny tiles) that alternates between two slightly different wood shaders that each use plenty of shader noise to give them a weathered look. Oh, and the hair is dynamic strand-based hair -- one of my first semi-successful use of different hair groups such as bangs/etc.

Minor postwork in Photoshop for joint correction/etc.

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