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This image is really the confluence between two forum threads:

Ram limitations in Poser
Where can I get some pretty faces for Victoria?

The RAM thread outlines a solution for pushing Poser 6 beyond the 2GB Windows application memory limit. I had attempted this hack on Poser 5 and not had it work. It looks like P6/SR2 is sufficiently stable to handle it.

So, I decided to make a multi-figure drawing to push the RAM limits. That's where the other thread came in. It pointed out several wonderful free V3 characters, and five of them are featured here: Butterfly Girl, Faith, Malinda, Mingmei, and Sydney.

All five V3's here have their own hi-res texture, as do the trees (all different props), the hair props, and the night-sky backdrop. Before render, Poser memory was at 649MB. The peak during render was 2.31GB during the "Loading textures" phase. Once the render got going, it stayed in the 2.05 to 2.25GB range.

I suppose I could have loaded clothing figures to bump up the memory even higher, but where would the fun in that be?

Enjoy, and may all your future renders be densely populated.

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