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First Vicky 4.0: She's Alive!

I broke down and purchased the new Vicky 4.0, and this is my first image with her.

She's definitely more flexible than her older sister. Note the buttock/thigh bend there. There's not odd thigh-bulge, and that's with no postwork or morph correction. Also check out the shoulder with the raised arm. See how well it integrates with the collar bone and the breast. Again, no post or joint correction morph.

My only real complaint so far is her face. IMO, it's not quite as attractive as some of the V3 options, and I do miss those pheonems. It's not that I was doing speech, but I found them to be quite useful in getting just the right kind of smile on her lips.

Also, I'm seeing the strangest thing about her eyes, and I've noticed it on a few other First V4's as well. They seem to be reflecting more light than they should. The whites are almost glowing.

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