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Landscape Test

I'm just trying my hand at creating some landscapes in Poser to user as backdrops for other scenes. The mountains are a morphed prop plus a procedural color/displacement texture I'm working up. The sky is procedural, but the planet/moon pairing beyond are props.

I kind of like it, but I think everything's a little too rough. I'd expect the mountains to have patches of semi-flat faces, and I'd like the vegetation to be a little rounder, like someone dropped a mountain of green M&M's.

Anyway, just an experiment. I know there are other tools far better suited for landscapes than Poser, but Poser is my main tool, so I'm trying to learn to do it here.

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Nice moons. :)

The mountains look a little tall for the width to me, but I grew up with shallower mountains than you did.

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