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Snowy Peaks

I broke down and bought the Carrara 3D Basics 2 package from DAZ. Hey, at the $10 sale price it wasn't much of a risk. I'm still getting the hang of the interface, but so far I'm fairly impressed by the landscape potential.

This is my first real attempt to do anything. It's just one of the wizard samples, tweaked a bit with addition of some clouds and a bit of fog rolling over some of the peaks.

Mostly I'm doing this just to get more convincing outdoor backgrounds for my Poser scenes, but we'll see how it goes.

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Can you do cloudscapes with it?


Possibly. I tried a quick sample the other day and got something vaugely like a cloudscape, but I can see that it's going to be complicated. A realistic cloud in a cloudscape won't be a single "cloud" object. Those are essentially bumpy versions of spheres, boxes, and cylinders. To make a good cloud, I'll have to use multiple cloud primitives overlapping to get a single complex cloud.

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