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A Gentle Giant

This is my first image with The Freak from DAZ. I picked him up in their big Member's Choice sale. The cat is DAZ's Millenium Cat (also bought in that sale), and the leaves are from Palace of Leaves.

Probably the most unique thing about this image is not the image itself but how I made it. While I frequently save multiple test renders along the way, I usually don't start those until the image is close to finished, i.e. all the posing, materials, and lighting are more or less in place. This time I made test renders all along the way, from the first figure import to the last Final quality render, about 25 images in all. My goal is to turn that into a little flash animation to show to my non-Poser artist friends, to give them some idea of what my work-flow is like. We'll see.

8" x 8" prints are available for $20.

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