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Glad to See You Too!

Just another little portrait. Hmmm, maybe next time I'll be calling it J.A.L.P.

I've found a couple of new tricks for dynamic hair that I thought I'd mention here.

On a couple of prop hair purchases I've made, I've noticed that they've come with a textured skull cap. I haven't had much luck actually using the skull cap as the basis for the hair because the mesh covers too much of the head. However, I have been able to just use it for coloring the head and still using PhilC's old V3 skull cap, just stretched here and there to fit V4 a bit better. Anyway, this lets me use far fewer dynamic hairs without showing through to the flesh-colored scalp. The color of the skull cap doesn't have to match perfectly since it's largely in shadow, but it's much better than having nothing.

The other thing I've found is that I can make the hair shaders much more complex and achieve much nicer results, particularly for colors like red and brown. For both the root and tip colors of the hair node, I feed in color gradients that are driven by noise nodes. That allows adjacent hairs to vary not just by brightness but by actual color. In fact, this hair shader (which I also used in my last rendering "Hope") is a blend of both my latest Red and Brown hair shaders, using a Blender node driven by the two hair shaders and selecting via another noise node. Just be sure to vary all the index values for the noise nodes to make sure they're not duplicating each other.

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