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The Hunter

A friend of mine commented that my gallery was largely filled with white women. "Doesn't your software have any black or asian women?" I replied that I had searched for black women, but there was a real lack of them in the texture markets. To demonstrate this, I searched again, but this time I actually found a couple I liked.

We got into some more skin-tone discussions and talked about the various types of "undertones" on skin, and that for blacks, the undertone wasn't the same kind red that pasty-white boys like me have. So, I opened up the source to Face_off's Real Skin Shader and started playing with the various RGB recipes. This image uses that altered shader. I'll keep playing with it, and depending on the quality of the results, I'll start nagging on Face_off to include some extra options like that in a future version.

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you are going to like Dayna when we get to that point in B7...

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