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Y.A.B.P. #36

And here's yet another boring pin-up.

Technical notes: This combined a number of techniques I've used with varying degrees of success in the past, and this time they all clicked.

The uneven ground is cloth. I took the hi-res square, clothified it, and then pinned several points on the edges and in the interior in place by putting them in the choreographed group. Then I put a fan below the cloth and varied it's direction and intensity over the course of the 30-frame sequence. Then, I picked a frame I liked and used the group editor to turn it all into a prop which I could then just use a a generic deformed plane for my ground. I actually used two here with the further one slightly rotated and jammed in unceremoniously.

The grass is dynamic hair. I just created hair groups across the two ground/cloth objects, doing my best to stick to areas that would be in or near the camera shot. I turned all the "pull back", "pull down", etc. dials to 0 and then modified the kink parameters to give the grass some randomness. I also made the grass thicker at both the root and the tip. I didn't bother with any animation for it. I just used it as-is in frame 1.

The DOF is all postwork, done in two parts. First, the distant background is a photo that I gave a heavier blur, about 3 pixels or so. I just put it on an ambient square in the background. The DOF blur on the ground, tree, and dogs was done by rendering the image three times. Pass 1 was with all elements included. Pass 2 was without the girl. Pass 3 was with just the girl. Pass three was saved in PNG to pick up a clear background. I then blurred the distant parts of Pass 2 (giving the distant photo even more blur), overlayed pass 3 on top of it, and then used pass 1 for the parts of the image where the girl interacts with the rest of the scene, i.e. the grass around her legs. Put together, I think it gives a DOF effect as good as what I could have gotten with the DOF settings but in about 1/10th the time.

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