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Naughty Angel

I'm not just what she got in trouble for, but it looks like she had fun doing it. ;)

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Cute ink!

I'm confused about where the light source is...the left anterior wing shows it coming from the right (very silver) but the right posterior wing is not as silver, and the tip is blue....sorry to use anatomical jargon (the LMT in me) but that's the most concise way to get the positions across to you.


There are three lights. (This is true for most of my scenes.)

Main light: A bright yellow light is coming from her front right. Examine the shadows around her nose to see this. This light hits the forward facing left wing feathers at just the right angle for maximum illumination. They are not hitting the rear-facing parts of the right wing nearly as well, though you catch a glimpse of highlight partway out the wing as it starts angling forward.

Alternate light: A dim blue light is coming from the rear, just a bit to her left. In addition to the coloration of the wings, note the contrast in skin color between her back and her neck. The light intensities aren't all that different, but our eyes/brains see blue hues as being darker than reds/yellows/greens. Thus, I often use a bluish light to illuminate areas in shadow from the main light. I might have overdone the blue this time.

Ambient light: There is a very dim white light shining in all directions onto every surface. Surfaces near other surfaces don't get as much of this light. It's a short-cut way of providing the light that would arrive after bouncing off everything else in the scene. The proper way to do that is with something called global radiosity, but that is very computationally intense.

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