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200th Image

This is the 200th image I've posted in my gallery at Renderosity. It took me about four years of lurking before I posted my first image. It took a little over two more years to post the first 100 images. And then it took less than year to post the next 100.

What happened? First, this last year was a hard year, and the art was a real comfort. Second, with practice comes proficiency, at least efficiency. What used to take me days now takes an hour or two, and Poser 7 really does render faster. Plus, I've started bodypainting as well, and that's accounted for about a dozen of this last 100.

Renderosity has been a good home to me. However, recent attitude shifts in the admins and moderators have killed all the warm, fuzzy feelings I once held for the place. Several artists have expressed the same thoughts to me, but it seems that admins aren't listening.

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