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This was the last piece of bodypainting I did on my vacation and the last I'm posting. By that point, I'd painted over a dozen people (not all were photographed) and was exhausted. I was also pressed for time since I had duties related to the bonfire that night. All I wanted was to just sit down and rest for 30 minutes.

But then my painting partner said there was one more gal still waiting to get painted -- could I do it? I reitereated that I was just too tired, and he replied, "I know. The only reason I mention it is that she's really cute." And, uh, damn but she was. "Ok, I'm not that tired."

This is one of those gals that I really regret I didn't hae more time to spend on. In addition to being really cute, she had the kind of super-lean body that allows for all kinds of full-body jobs. [Note: this is not a Thin=Beauty thing. Rather, it's a practical matter about the difficulties of using an airbrush around skin-folds, and the leaner models don't have as many.]

My other regret is that she doesn't live in my area, because she had such a lovely face, I would really have liked to get her into my photo studio just for some headshots.

Oh well, I still appreciate the time I did get with her.

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