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Nude Study #16

It's been a couple of months since I did a nude study, so here's one I started over the weekend. It then spent over a day churning away on a hair simulation that ended up not looking right. Ultimately, I settled on a hair prop. If there ever is a Poser 8, I sure hope they do something to boost the performance of hair collision calculations.

The floor is a custom prop I did. Well, really just a custom texture with some displacement work. The runes are from Obsidian, and the glowy effect is a combination of the ambient channel and some postwork blur.

This also has my usual postwork. I think many of you know this, but I stopped trying to achieve photorealism a while back. I got pretty close to it, especially on a few, but when I started taking my fantasy pieces to art shows, it really screamed "done in Poser". Because of that, I've switched to trying to get a non-photorealistic (NPR) look, hoping it looks a bit more painted. It's not quite painted, but I personally like this hybrid look, and at least to me, it no longer screams "Poser".

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