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This is an unusual piece for me, mostly because of its origin. I recently attended a figure study sketching party with several other artists. The catch was that I can't sketch. I get pencil and paper, and I'm doing well to write down a phone number.

However, I have gotten pretty good with doing postwork touch-ups, so I thought I would try dragging along my laptop, my Wacom tablet, and Photoshop. I did four sketches in total, though only one of them came out decently.

Interestingly, the biggest help came from the Liquify filter. It allowed me to do a rough sketch with the lines badly out of proportion and then nudge them back into place in Liquify. Then I could do a new layer and do the finer details on top of it.

For fun, I thought I would convert the one sketch that came out well into a Poser project, and that's what this is. The setting and lighting aren't my usual style, but I was trying to keep reasonably close to the original setting of the sketch.

It was a fun experience, but I don't think I'll be setting down my Poser dials any time soon.

Note: I did not properly record the Kanji symbols on her back, so if the model comes across this, I offer my sincere apologies for butchering the meaning of your tattoo.

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Dan, this is Susan your model. Wow!! I loved what you did w/ my pose. Thank you for being so kind and taking about 10-15# off my frame, you made me look so skinny. ;-) I was truly flattered by your rendering of my image, and am very impressed by your skills in computer artistry. FYI my tattoo says "love, aid, risk" which summarizes my personal philosophy of doing the things that I love, helping other people, and taking risks in my life. The right two characters are danger and opportunity, that when taken together comprise risk. You're welcome to photograph them sometime if you'd like to include the accurate meaning in your image. Hope to see you soon! Susan

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