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September 5, 2008

Nude Study #18

Image is NSFW

It's been a few months since I did a nude study, so I figured it was about time to do another.

The main thing I was exercising here was trying to go another step in making this look painted or drawn. There's a paper-like texture applied overall, and the edge-work is at attempt to evoke brushwork. Looking back on it, I've got a couple of other ideas on similar ideas, so I might do another one like this soon.

September 15, 2008

A Knight's Rest

I'm fiddling around with some more fantasy/sci-fi images these days, so here's a lovely knight resting on a hillside.

A few technical notes: I always struggle with having non-flat/non-boring ground, so I used some new and old tricks here. I have a morphing terrain object, and I used one of them for the shallow hillside she's one, and I used another one for the rock she's leaning against. Also, I put dynamic hair on the hillside and colored it green. The background sky was painted with Obsidian's brushes.

September 17, 2008

Y.A.B.P. #53

Image is NSFW

Yet another boring pin-up...

September 20, 2008

Looking for This?

I'm just playing around with a few things in my library. Enjoy.

September 25, 2008

Nude Study #19

Image is NSFW

I've been under the weather for most of the week, but as I'm on the mend I thought I would do a quick nude study. Enjoy!

September 28, 2008

Mini-tutorial on Using Hair for Grass

As mentioned above, I was asked to do a quick tutorial on my technique for creating grass with Poser's dynamic hair.

Here are a couple of images where I've used that technique:
A Knight's Rest
Y.A.B.P. #36 (image contains nudity)

A couple of other mini-tutorials of mine:
IBL Lighting
My Postwork Style

September 30, 2008

J.A.L.P. #20

Just a little portrait...

I haven't done one in a couple of months and thought it was time.

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