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What is "digital art"? Well, it’s painting, but without the brush and canvas, and I guess it’s photography, but without the camera or model. The best explanation I’ve come up with is to ask people if they’ve seen the movie Toy Story. You’ve seen it, right? Ok, instead of making movies, I’m creating single-frame images, and instead of following the adventures of Woody and Buzz, I’m going after completely different themes.

The tools I use are Poser and Photoshop. Poser allows me to establish the scene, pose the characters and objects, set up the lights, apply the textures, and render this into a 2D image. Photoshop allows me to make any touch-ups to that image, and it also allows me to create any special textures that I need for the earlier Poser step.

I use these tools because as I often say, I couldn’t draw to save my life. Alas, that does nothing to keep my head from filling with images that I really want to share. I have owned Poser and Photoshop since around 1999, but I did not do much with them at all until 2005. I have a few early works from 2004, but everything else (perhaps 3 or 4 attempts) has been lost. No big loss.

It was not until March of 2005 that it all clicked. I was working on a piece called "Two Sides", and I finally produced an image that looked on paper like it looked in my head. That image is used as the banner on the main page, and I took the name for the site name.

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Sci-Fi Fantasy

January 1, 2000

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